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Shake on It

Personal Treatment

The biggest difference is that we treat you like family and work as a team to find you your dream property

Our objective is to make your dream home in Mexico a simple, fun and memorable experience. 

We will strive to find you the best home at the best price, based on your  needs.  This is what truly sets us aside from the others.  We care about what you need and want, not about our commission.  We strongly believe that treating people right is the only way to do business and the best form of advertising is word of mouth.

While our team locates your dream home or investment property we will:

  • Deliver your wish-list
    We will make sure every property meets your criteria.

  • Show you the “where to’s”
    Where to eat, where to shop, where to have fun!

  • Simplify the process
    Relax and enjoy the process as we take care of everything necessary to get you into your dream home.

Often we will take a small break from showings to grab a taco at our favorite local stand, or enjoy a margarita as we talk about the real estate options.  We don't want the process to be stuffy and stressful. This is a dream come true for many people, so we want it to be a great experience all the way around.

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